25.05.2019 - 21:50

In the one of the most exciting final that have ever been played, Volna was the one who earned the title of "Champion".

CHAMPION VOLNA fotoğrafları için tıklayın...



They started the match with an employment of the mentality of offense. The rapidity of non-ceasing shoots allowed them to tire their opponent a more than expected. When they scored and got ahead, mentally the dominant side in the match was Florgrade as the put up more accuracy in the game that the played. In the second half when they were exposed to the attacks of their rival, they recieved some unfortunate goals and when they couldn't preserve the result the match went to the penalties.By losing ın the penalties they completed the tournament ın the second place.



As they started with the strategy of counter attack,though they were inefficient in the field of the rival team, they were flawless in the defence zone. In the second half they managed to produce fast attacks and by rising the heat of the game they put up a enjoyable match to the eye. With their regular substutions in terms of physicality they were in the game up until the last whistle.Although we succeeded to get ahead in the last minutes. They were tied with a last goal and after the penalties they rose the cup.